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Trusted Partner

IC Markets is one of the leading raw spread CFD providers offering some of the lowest spreads in the forex industry. IC Markets has built its reputation over the years as it strives to offer the tightest possible spreads while helping traders preserve their capital with their low commissions. IC Markets is widely known and trusted as one of the best and convenient CFD providers worldwide.

21% Direct Discount

I provide My clients a real time 21%

discount once opening a trade. Every time you open a trade you will receive an instant discount as all your trades will be eligible for discounts at real time. Instead of paying 7 USD per lot round turn, you will pay 5.5 USD commission

fees for 1 lot round turn traded and so on. This type of setup is perfect for professional scalpers and regular forex traders.

Start Trading with $100

As a gesture of good faith, we

encourage retail traders from all

around the world to open a live

trading account with just 100 USD for standard/raw spread accounts. The spreads and trading conditions will remain the same for each account as they would if you deposited 200 USD.

Once you open a Live Trading

account via this link or by providing our partner ID: 63658 during registration and after verification of ID documents, then you will be automatically.


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Advanced Financial Software for Forex Markets

Empower Your Trading with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Discover our exclusive financial software designed specifically for the forex market. With our Indicators and Expert Advisors, we provide traders, financial institutions, and anyone interested in the forex market with the tools they need to succeed. Start optimizing your trades today and take your trading to new heights.

Benefits of Our Advanced Financial Software

Unlock Your Trading Potential

Empower Your Forex Trading with Advanced Software Solutions

Optimize Your Trades

Elevate Your Trading Experience to New Heights

Simplify Trading

Our user-friendly and powerful Indicators & Expert Advisors help you identify market trends effortlessly, making entry and exit trades a breeze.

Customer Service

I am on Telegram all the time to answer customers questions and help with our products from configuration to setting them up.

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