RoyalPrince Fibonacci EA

Discover the power of precision with RoyalPrince Fibonacci EA, a sophisticated Expert Advisor for Forex trading that offers adaptable features tailored to your strategies. From customizing profit-taking and risk management tactics to leveraging market indicators and Fibonacci levels, this tool empowers you to navigate forex trades confidently.

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RoyalPrince Fibonacci Expert Advisor

Unveil the power of precise and flexible Forex trading with our advanced RoyalPrince Fibonacci EA. This cutting-edge Expert Advisor offers a TradingMode feature, providing an array of options from PendingLimit to PendingStop, meticulously crafted to tailor your strategies.

Elevate your risk control using our Money Management Feature (UseMM) and fine-tune your risk exposure by adjusting the Risk parameter. Catering to both Fixed Lot enthusiasts and MaxLots traders, this EA adapts seamlessly according to your preferences.

Manage volume with MaxOrderBuy and MaxOrderSell while setting optimal distances for pending orders via Pending-Distance. Enhance granularity in orders using Pipstep while leveraging parameters like Pipstep-Exponent and Lots-Exponent for adaptability.

Craft profit-making tactics utilizing features such as TakeProfit, Virtual-TakeProfit, or UseTakeProfitAll. Control potential losses effectively with tools like UseStopLoss, Virtual-StopLoss or AutoStopLossMoney while trailing features add dynamism to risk management in trades.

Incorporating technical analysis into its core, RoyalPrince Fibonacci EA utilizes indicators like iClose, RSI, and Moving Average. This enables traders to align strategies with market trends for optimal results. The unique Fibonacci Section represented by II3 provides traders the opportunity to leverage Fibonacci levels for strategic decision making.

Stay ahead of the game with our NewsFilter feature. Adjust settings such as DisableMinBeforeNews and EnableMinAfterNews to navigate market volatility during news events effectively.

The EA's versatility extends to currency pair preferences too - choose your preferred pairs based on your trading strategy or exclude specific ones when needed.

In essence, the RoyalPrince Fibonacci EA is a fusion of technical sophistication and user-friendly customization that empowers Forex traders with precision and confidence in executing their trading strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions about EA

What are the License Limitations?

You Get unlimited accounts with unlimited brokers as long as your name on the account is the Same or similar. Everytime you want to use a new account you must send me a screenshot using my Script so that i can make a new version of the EA for you.

What months do i avoid trading?

This EA uses Martingale so i would avoid trading June/July & Nov/December. Reasons why is that most bankers and large whale traders are not trading during this time and market is violital.

What are the Best trading Pairs?

Major Pairs are the best trading pairs for this EA using Timeframe H1.

Is this EA a Fully Automatic EA

The answer to this is YES & NO. i wouldn't recommend leaving any EA alone i would always try to do some type of Manual intervention it is what makes an EA last longer.

What is the DrawDown Like?

DrawDown is similar other Hedge based Ea's. so with correctly watching the market to avoid news and using the built-in news filter you can avoid major DD but the most DD i have seen is around 30%

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Paid Signal of Fibonacci Pro EA

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